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Snake Eyes, The Ending

A Brian de Palma Film; starring Nicholas Cage and Gary Sinise


Do not read any further if you have not seen the film!

As the movie ends and the credits roll, construction workers are seen building a new stadium. The camera zooms in steadily on one of the cement pillars, until reaching the hand of one of the workers. When he pulls his hand off the pillar, a shining stone is revealed:

The End (15k)

You might remember this stone, but not quite recall where you saw it first. Well, it belongs on the hand of Jayne Heitmeyer, the women who plays the literal Red Herring (named "Serena" in the credits) of the movie. The ring shines brightly during her conversation with Gary Sinise:

Jayne Heitmeyer (13k)

If you're male, you probably recall the following shot as well, but you were probably not looking at the ring. Note the subtext-heavy snake pattern on the dress.

Jayne Heitmeyer's most notable assets (12k)

So, how did the ring get into the cement pillar? You might even recall this one dimly: When Nicolas Cage awakes from the pounding he has received at the hands of the former boxing champ, you can see Gary Sinise's henchmen lowering the corpses of two of his helpers into cement pillar vats. (if you haven't seen the movie and you are reading this, now you know why you shouldn't have.) As this happens, you can see that a hand sticks out from one of the body bags:

The hand of a corpse (12k)

This is, obviously, the "Woman In Red", who was actually one of Gary Sinise's co-conspirators. Got it now? Good.

(All images taken from the DVD of "Snake Eyes", © 1999 by Touchstone Pictures)

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