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This page chronicles changes on this site as they happen, if and when they happen.


Section Overhaul -- the Tatu section has been updated. In addition to a review of the new album "Dangerous and Moving", the different international releases are being compared. There is even a recap of what happened with Tatu since 2003. Some outdated information has been removed. The first update in more than two years and it's about a lousy Russian pop duo.


Major Change -- The Hell On Earth e-mail Fall-out. You won't believe the kind of stuff people write when they think they've got a suicide promoter on the other end of the line.


Major Change -- A band from Florida, USA, has announced they will feature a live suicide on their show on October 4, 2003. By sheer coincidence, they share this site's name. An explanation for wayward souls seems to be in order.


Minor Change -- Apparently, the metal bumble bees in the most exciting scene from the otherwise execrable movie version of The Avengers were not, as previously believed, miniatures, but computer animated (CGI). The error has been corrected.


Major Change -- Redesign of Tatu section with new page added (European press round-up).


Minor Change -- New page added to the Tatu section, with vidcaps of their latest video "Simple Pleasures", banned in Russia. When I first heard that public broadcast had been prohibited because the two (underage) girls spent the whole clip getting themselves off, I didn't want to believe it. Well, the information was half-true: Only Yulia is seen pleasuring herself, Lena spends the video in a coffee shop, drinking tea.


Major Change -- Brand new: A new section about the Russian pop duo "Tatu" -- two underage girls who are allegedly girlfriends. Sounds like a very clever marketing scheme to me.


Major Change -- Brand new, actually ten years old: The Fable of The Hedgehog and The Rabbit, once upon a time designed to bed a woman. Of course the ploy failed. But the fable's nice.

There are THREE versions: One for high-bandwidth connections with a current browser (no Opera, sorry!), one for high-bandwith and an older browser. Finally, a low-fi alternative for visitors with neither a high speed connection nor a new browser.


Major Change -- It's finally done, the last, hopefully FINAL update to the Whole Tooth section, part of the Health Status section. And it even comes with a brand-new page of unrequested advice!


Minor Changes -- The Sheep's Summer Vacation has been expanded a bit with bigger versions of the images. If you have the bandwidth, you'll enjoy these [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7].


Major Changes -- Big addition to the Bunnies & Sheep Section: Candid photographs of our sheep Lois & Clark from their summer vacation! This also reopens the Sheep Section to the public. (The world is glum enough, let's have some fun again.)


Major Changes -- New Heresy, about the Events of September 11, 2001.


Major Changes -- The revamped Bunnies & Sheep Section is formally announced and introduced. In addition, there's a new Gallery exhibit (Reach Out and Grab Someone).


Major Changes -- First Update of the Millennium! <g>

A new section (for now masquerading as an "Insanity"), with a new entry: The Big Explosion. The story goes along with a new piece for the Gallery, appropiately called BANG: The Big Explosion.


Major Changes -- A rundown of the events of December 2000, how I was banned from HostPro.

After being thrown off the HostPro servers, I updated several pages: How to choose a host and my experiences with HostPro in 1999. The original version of the HostPro 99 story is back on-line (the edited version is still there, too). In addition, an "executive summary" was added.

Minor Changes -- There is a new MOATMAI biography online, and Stan updated his. There is now a link to HostPro's Terms and Conditions, thanks to a reader of the site.


Minor Changes -- The story about my experiences with HostPro was amended with additional information. Some comments apparently considered offensive by HostPro were removed from the page. There were two reasons for this:

  1. A HostPro customer representative asked me to remove the negative comments, adding that "If you choose not to remove that material I have been instructed to ask you to search for a new hosting company."
  2. The previous status of the page no longer reflected my actual experiences with HostPro. After the events described on the page, HostPro gave me a month's credit and hasn't given much reason for complaints.


Major Changes -- The title "Nightmare At 20,0000 Feet" was taken, unfortunately, therefore the new entry to the Heresies section is called "The Screamer". The accompanying illustration can be stared at with disgust at full size in the <NOFRAMES> gallery.


Major Changes -- The Avengers Review is accompanied by a gallery of striking imagery (including a Teddy Bear conference, Sean Connery getting electrocuted and Giant Metallic Bees). Of course, everybody who worked on this film was roaring drunk. As usual, we have proof.


Major Changes -- New front page design! Yay. The Health Section has been updated with the latest tooth status information. There is a new work in the Gallery (called "Scared") and a movie review for the Brian de Palma film "Snake Eyes". In addition, there is a bit of help with that movie's ending...


Major Changes -- Yet another new page in the Whole Tooth Section, detailing the latest developments. And now, it doesn't comfort me to know that Tom Mangan is suffering from similar problems.

Minor Changes -- Minor updates to the design of the Whole Tooth Section, improved the navigation structure and the way one event leads to another. (Note: The banner image was adapted from a fairly ancient Marvel comic book.)


Major Changes -- Two new pages in the Whole Tooth Section, one detailing developments from July 1999 to the end of August, the other giving a run-down of the events which happened since then and the latest news regarding the "new tooth" problem in the upper right-hand jaw. In addition, there are some updated biographies of MOATMAI online.

Minor Changes -- Some meddling with the Health Section layout as well as the Whole Tooth design. Essentially, this step removes some graphics and adds clarity.


Major Changes -- New article, a review of "The Essential Spider-Man", collecting the very first years of Spider-Man comics, complete with a visual demonstration of the poor copies Marvel used for printing.

Minor Changes -- Heresies page layout "optimized". Fixed a problem with the Bunny text pages. Some more current information on the design status of this site was added.


Major Changes -- The Site Information section was extended by two new pages: Adventures In Web Hosting answers the question "Why was HellOnEarth.com off-line?" The second page, Looking For ANew Host? shares some of the experiences made during the transition from one host to the next.

Minor Changes -- Where applicable, the copyright notices were updated to the new year. The <NOFRAMES> Gallery page layout was significantly re-designed.

Please mail any info about broken links and speling mistackes to MOATMAI at HellOnEarth dot COM. Thank you.