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Yes, there is a reason to this madness...

Main Sections

Editor Wars (Comparative HTML Editor Reviews)
  Who cares about "Browser Wars"

<NOFRAMES> (A Gallery of 2D and 3D Imagery)
  Sample Imagery, impossibly dated

Heresies (Personal Opinion Pieces)
  Personal Thoughts, possibly dated

Hints (Application and Game Tricks)
  You need Help

Insanity (Mad Ideas)
  Spurs Of The Moment

RabidBunnies Online (*description missing*)
  Check them out!

Site Information (Garbage In...)
  Not really interesting

The Continuing Health Crisis
  For those who want to know

Editor Wars

Main Page
General Information, Introduction

Text-Based Editors - Hardcore HTML Coding

WYSIWYG Editors - Pitfalls And Cases In Point
Dreamweaver, HotMetal Pro, PageMill, Visual Page, FrontPage 98

Web Generators - Click and Publish

HTML Tools - Shrunken Pixels, Mapped Images et al


Main Page
what to expect in this section

Visual Index
thumbnails of all images

a state of mind

Louder Than Words
a Bryce 2 render, online after some hesitation (warning: full frontal nudity)

Past Highlights
images from past versions of the HellOnEearth homepage

The Evil Eye
heavily Inspired by Tron and Max Headroom

Transparency Test
originally intended for the first CorelXara tutorial

Star Wars Dentistry
an evil joke at Han Solo's expense

A Brilliant Logo
the only thing missing is a purpose

Anima & Animus
former frontispiece for the Health Section

The Metal Head
part of a comic book I never got around to do

Not Colin Shamen
an experiment with Poser 3

extrapolated from a statement made by Bill Gates

Stick Figure Thinker
  what do wooden mannequins think?

  a much-requested portrait of MOATMAI (or not)

Burning Planet
  an old attempt to create a burning globe

The Zebra Man
  a misfired education attempt


Opinion pieces -- Why Bother?

Against Life After Death
If there should be life after death, I don't want it.

Too Much Honesty
Don't ask me about honesty, please.

Grow Up, Already!
Against the liberation of the inner child.

1998 Christmas Tale
True Story from a former ladyfriend.

Hating The Pet Shop Boys
A Musical Obsession.

The Devil Made Them Do It
The true motives behind Littleton.

Everything A Spider Can
The "Essential Spider-Man", reviewed.


Let's Take The Time / To Find Out What's Inside...

Import 8-Bit Transparencies into CorelXara 2
easy if you know how

Tomb Raider II - Exit The Dragon
a Cheap way of overcoming That Dragon

Rent-A-Hero - Walkthroughs: High Bandwidth | Low Bandwidth | ASCII
How to get ahead in Neo Software's 1998 Fantasy Adventure Game

Kingdom O' Magic - A Complete Solution
SCI's irreverent fantasy spoof adventure, solved.


List Of Insanities
Table Of Contents.

Drunks In Con Air
Con Air is such a lousy movie, because all actors were drunk during filming - here's proof.

The RabidBunnies review... Con Air
You knew, of course, that Con Air is a movie about a pink plush bunny...

Introducing the SPIC GIRLS
The Japanese seize Pop Music (possibly offensive).

When The Orchestra's The Pits
Ways for the director to retaliate.

"Suddenly, Bill Gates Pulled Out A Handgun"


Online At Last

The RabidBunnies Gallery
Too many images to link to, check the names list for an overview.

The Sheep Gallery
Clark, Jesus, Helga and Ludwig, for now.

The Critters Gallery
Douglas, Knuffel and Pascal.

An Easter Bunny
Belated easter greetings.

The Bunnies' names
An overview with links to their images (where available).

Killa Bunnies
They can be deadly, you know.

The RabidBunnies review... Con Air
You knew, of course, that Con Air is a movie about a pink plush bunny...

Site Information

General Information
How and why is it done?

Why Hell On Earth
the origin of the name

Latest Design Changes
explaining the obvious

Production Notes
How Hell On Earth 2.x is maintained
Bonus: Hell On Earth 1.0 production

Back To Basics
the site's slow backwards transition, from HTML 4.0 back to 3.2

the meaning of MOATMAI

MOATMAI Biographies
One, Two, Three, Four and Five -- everything there is to know about MOATMAI

The Mail Bag
e-mail I consider worth publishing

unfortunately, I am fresh out of them. HELP!

how to send e-mail to MOATMAI

Contribute to HellOnEarth
submission guidelines for this site

The Continuing Health Crisis

What's wrong, in general

Current Status
Where it hurts

Troublesome Body Parts
Knee, Hands, Lungs and My Left Foot

The Whole Tooth
Updated more frequently than everything else

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