TATU video clip: simple pleasures

Tatu's video clips have clearly been designed to scandalize as much as possible and provoke a media reaction (and even censorship).

If you want to see what the fuss is all about without wanting to download a bad copy somewhere off the Internet, you've come to the right place.

Prostie dvizeniya (Simple Motions)

The first shot shows a small girl in white clothes pushing a swing on a children's playground. The video cuts to a shot of Yulia presumably filming herself in the bathroom while masturbating. She sighs, her eyes roll and flutter, her head rotates. The time on the OSD of the camera dates the shot at "11:03 AM, April 5, 2002".

There are miscellaneous shots of Lena sitting in a coffee shop (presumably) drinking Evian bottled water and nursing a glass cup of black tea. Close-ups of Lena stirring the spoon in the tea glass are intercut with Yulia in the bathroom, presumably getting herself off. Outside the coffee shop, a woman is pushing a pram. Lena is wearing red-tinted sunglasses.

Cut to a collage mixing black and white footage: A girl in white clothes walking a doll, a body builder showing off his muscles. A military officer with a cartoon cat behind him. People riding on a tandem, an African native sucking on a pipe, an African man dancing, three men in shirt and tie dancing stiffly. And more, more, more: A remote control, a pen writing on paper, animals copulating, the little girl from the beginning of the video, Lena sitting in her café, a naked behind being slapped, ballet dancers practicing... apparently, this wild collage is supposed to illustrate the different kinds of "simple motions" made by all kinds of people.

The clip ends with a final shot of Yulia, her eyes blissfully closed while she disappears from view. The recording date of the camera's On-Screen Display ends with "11:07 AM, April 5, 2002".

Summary: Presumably Yulia is masturbating off while thinking about Lena. The whole idea of masturbation being just another "simple motion" did probably not sit very well with censors.

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Prostie dvizeniya:
67.119.104 bytes MPEG
"Prostie dvizhenija"
"Simple Motions"
"Simple Moves"

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06/01/22: interpretation updated
02/11/29: video captures of "simple motions"

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