TATU video clips: the rundown

Note: This section refers only to the old videos from the first album. My interest in Tatu has waned, therefore it's unlikely this page will be updated with information about the second album.

Tatu's video clips for the first album wre clearly designed to scandalize as much as possible and provoke a media reaction (and even censorship). The following clips are known to exist at this time:

  • "Ya soshla s uma" (All The Things She Said)
  • "Ya soshla s uma DJ Ram Mix" (Song and Video Remixed)
  • "30 minut" (30 Minutes)
  • "Mal'chik-gej" (Gay Boy) MTV Live Performance only
  • "Nas ne dogonyat" (They're Not Gonna Get Us)
  • "Prostie dvizeniya" (Simple Motions)

Ya soshla s uma (I've Lost My Mind)

"Ya soshla s uma" has Lena and Yulia standing in the rain, getting soaked in their Russian school uniforms. As the song reaches its climax, they passionately kiss in slow motion as the camera lingers on their wet blouses. (Russian girls don't seem to like bras.)

There is a second version of this video, based on the Hardrum remix. In addition to re-cut and re-colored shots from the regular video, this variation contains some new scenes.

30 minut (30 Minutes)

Lena spends much of the duration of "30 minut" kissing and groping a tall boy with photo model looks on a merry-go-round. Meanwhile, Yulia sits in a school bathroom, unwrapping a crude time bomb and plotting. At the end of the clip, the merry-go-round goes boom.

There are close-ups of the boy's hands squeezing Lena's buttocks (skirt's gone), culminating in a scene where Lena's topless, her breast resting against the boy's well-defined torso. (I'm just describing what I saw.)

Mal'chik-gej (Gay Boy)

This only seems to be available in a live version. Taking into consideration that even on the Russian album certain words have been bleeped, it's very likely that the producers pulled all the stops for this video.

The live video shows Lena and Yulia in white underwear and blue kneepads, mock-spanking each other with other dancers and briefly simulating "doggy style" sex.

The version I've seen is a vid grab from MTV Russia. The MTV program director does his level best to cut often enough so the action won't look too raunchy. He fails. When Lena pours half a bottle of mineral water over her top, it turns translucent. She doesn't wear a bra. No, I don't care to elaborate.

Nas ne dogonyat (They Won't Catch Us)

"Nas ne dogonyat" happens to be my favorite Tatu track. The video seems laughably tame by comparison to 30 minut, the main scandal being that the girls are riding a huge oil truck (sometimes standing on the top of the truck, sometimes sitting behind the wheel) in a snow blizzard.

Early on, they run a construction worker over (his hard hat falls dramatically). At the end, Lena and Yulia are run over by what's presumably the same truck. It doesn't make much sense.

Prostie dvizeniya (Simple Motions)

The video "Prostie dvizeniya" has been banned in Russia. Allegedly the Simple Motions of the song's title refer to the act of female masturbation. When I first read rumors to the effect that Lena and Yulia spend the running time of the clip getting themselves off, I laughed it off.

The reports were wrong, of course. It's only Yulia who's shown getting herself off (head and naked shoulders in a bathroom mirror, with suitable facial expressions) and this only fills half of the video's running time. The other half shows Lena sitting around in a coffee shop and a lot of strange stock footage (including a nude pair of buttocks of indeterminate gender being spanked).

Don't believe me, believe your own eyes: Screencaps for this video are online right here.

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where to find videos

Russian Clips

Ya soshla s uma is available as a data track on the Russian bootleg CD "Zvezdnaya seriya" in MPEG format (51 MByte).

All the videos can be found in varying quality on the usual file sharing services.

File Details

Ya soshla s uma:
51.304.624 bytes MPEG
(or 10.779.628 bytes)
"all the things she said"

30 minut:
43.034.628 bytes MPEG

Mal'chik-gej (live):
21.698.560 bytes AVI
"Malchik Gej"

Nas ne dogonyat:
48.659.912 bytes MPEG

Prostie dvizeniya:
67.119.104 bytes MPEG
"Prostie dvizhenija"
"Simple Motions"
"Simple Moves"

Please do not ask me to send you any of these files. You're on your own.

English Language Clips

The tatugirls.com website offers both video clips for "All The Things She Said" in Windows Media format (asx), meaning both the regular version and the remix. This means that the videos will only STREAM and cannot be downloaded.

If you are stuck with a slow 'net connection, you might want to consider one of these alternatives:

Capture the Stream(s) with ASFRecorder. Version 1.1 even supports proxy servers. Search www.google.com for "asf recorder" or "asfrecorder". (Please don't ask me for technical help.)

Purchase the Video DVD which is supposed to be released in the US in the fall of 2002.

Download the video from one of the many file sharing services available.

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