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Site Contents

The Hell On Earth domain is encompassed by a number of sub-sites on a variety of subjects.

Recent developments are displayed on the news page.


The <NOFRAMES> section displays 2D and 3D drawings and 3D renderings with a visual index.

Insanity introduces the sensational Spic Girls from Japan, reports how Bill Gates killed himself over Windows 98, suggests ways for orchestra directors to deal with ego-tripping players and publishes an account of how the actors of Con Air were all drunk during the making of the movie. Yes, including the little girl.

Out Of Focus contains ill-informed opinion pieces against life after death, about the schizophrenic nature of honesty and how people should finally grow up. It also relates a sordid, short and very very belated Christmas tale and gives a reason to hate the Pet Shop Boys.

The RabidBunnies Online section offers tasteful photography of cute widdle plush bunnies, sheep and other critters. It also contains some less tasteful photography which you will have to find by yourself.


In Editor Wars, HTML editors of all color are being reviewed. This section is finally getting back on-schedule, reaching Version 3 after an one-year hiatus.

The Hints Section contains information about importing 8-bit transparencies into CorelXara, how to successfully get to the conclusion of the adventure game Rent-A-Hero and how to kill that pesky dragon in Tomb Raider II.


The detailed Site Information Section gives you more details than you want to know about the site design and production, the identity of its webmaster(s) as well as a mail address to write to and a selection of mail MOATMAI has received so far.

An also very detailed section tells the reader everything (s)he never wanted to know about MOATMAI's health, omitting almost nothing and most notably containing The Whole Tooth.

Additional material is being prepared as you read this.